Sickle Cell Anemia

and Hope for a Normal Life!

coupleMany people with sickle cell anemia hope and pray for a normal life. Unfortunately, their life is one of intense pain.

Pain  that leaves them angry and frustrated!

Pain  that interferes with focus and concentration!

Pain  that complicates relationships!

You get up in the morning in pain.
You go to work in pain.
You go to bed in pain.

You’ve suffered from the pain of sickle cell anemia and your desire is to be free!

Free  of the doctors and nurses who question your pain!
Free  of the opiate medications and a life dependent upon them!
Free  to enjoy a day without pain and pain medication!

Is there an answer? We believe there is!


The videos on this page will help you better understand sickle cell anemia and a product called ProArgi-9+!

A product that has the potential to substantially reduce your pain!

A product that can help to restore the health of your cardiovascular system!

A product that can help your body recover faster and improve its energy so that you can better enjoy life. And, enjoy it pain free or at substantially lower levels of pain.

But we don’t want to just sell you a product. We want to help you understand your problem and show you how this product can truly address the underlying issues of the pain associated with sickle cell anemia.

Below are a series of short videos that will help you better understand this area and how to address it. We would recommend watching them in the order that they’re presented since they build off of each other. If you have any questions, then please contact the person who is sharing this information with you. They can help you better understand how ProArgi-9+ could be a significant aid to you for this health concern.

Video 1 – What Causes The Pain?

What Causes the Pain?

Video 2 – The Importance of Nitric Oxide!

Importance of NO

Video 3 – ProArgi-9+ Addresses Proper Nitric Oxide Production!

NO Production

Video 4 – Two Additional Complications Not Properly Addressed!


Video 5 – What’s the Answer to the Pain and Lack of Energy?

Answer to Pain

Video 6 – Foods That Contain L-Arginine, L-Citrulline, and Folic Acid


Video 7 – Food Vs. Supplementation for L-Arginine & L-Citrulline


Video 8 – Family Planning & Genetics in Sickle Cell Anemia


We hope these videos have been helpful in your understanding of sickle cell anemia.

ProArgi-9+ Addresses Four Specific Issues!

proargi9-sm_1The ingredients in ProArgi-9+ address four of the specific issues facing African Americans with sickle cell anemia. They are:

  • ProArgi-9+ is designed to help nourish the endothelial cells that line all of your cardiovascular system to help improve their ability to produce nitric oxide.
  • ProArgi-9+ provides 5 grams of pharmaceutical-grade L-arginine per serving to improve your body’s ability to create nitric oxide, the master signaling molecule of the cardiovascular system.
  • ProArgi-9+ includes the critical amino acid L-citrulline to help your body bypass the enzyme arginase so that your endothelial cells can continue to produce nitric oxide over a 24 hour window.
  • ProArgi-9+ also includes a proper amount of folic acid to help your body produce new red blood cells to lessen the potential for anemia.

All these benefits go a long way in helping to reduce the pain and lack of energy that is so common to those with sickle cell anemia.

To help you enjoy first hand the potential benefits of ProArgi-9+ we have a special offer for you.

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One Other Important Point We’d Like to Make!

We’re not physicians or doctors and we would not want to replace your physician or doctor. Instead, we want to work with you and your health care provider to make sure this is right for you. If you or your health care provider have any questions, then please contact us through our contact page on this website.

We’ll do our best to provide you and your health care provider with the information you need to make the best decision for you. Our goal is to help as many people with sickle cell anemia as possible; to help them see significant improvements in their energy, and a dramatic reduction in their pain so that they can enjoy a normal life.

Together we can work to save millions of lives!